Last weekend, the local primary school held a fundraising event, in the form of a festival called FreeFest. Community groups were invited to come along, so I volunteered to set up a Little Free Library stall there. There was a bar, a BBQ, a pig roast, live music, children’s activities, and boutique stalls as well as tons of other fun stuff. This was the first time that I had done anything like this with the Little Free Library, so I was unsure how it would go. I took along a selection of children’s books, and a couple of boxes of novels and non-fiction books, and set them up on a table, as shown below.


Most of the children’s books were taken, which was great, and a good amount of the other books went, too. I’d say that most people that came along were already familiar with the Little Free Library, but there were some people who asked me “Are these really free?” so I explained the concept to them. Overall, it was a good experience, and it was great to get involved in a community event like this. We have a very generous and supportive community here, so there isn’t the need for me to do too much outreach; they are already great at using the Little Free Library.



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