Well, it finally happened…


I have read about lots of incidents where Little Free Libraries have been vandalised or otherwise attacked; some have been set on fire, others have had the books removed and thrown all over the ground to get ruined by the rain, some even get emptied regularly by people taking every single book. In our case, the vandalism has been very mild in comparison. We have a guestbook inside the Little Free Library for people to write comments if they wish. I guess about a month or so ago I was flicking through it and saw that someone had written an offensive message; I simply tore out that page, and waited a few weeks before putting the guestbook back inside. I put it down to, most likely, some teenagers thinking they were being funny. Well today, I noticed that someone had scrawled an offensive image and words on the back cover of the guestbook; I couldn’t simply tear off the back cover, so I taped some paper over it, and left a message on it, basically guidelines on how to use the Little Free Library (take a book, leave a book, etc). This has sufficiently covered up the graffiti, but I wonder if something like this will happen again? I think if it happens a third time, then I will reluctantly have to remove the guestbook, and will probably write about the incidents in our village newsletter. The graffiti hasn’t particularly offended me, but it could cause some people to get upset, especially as a great many children use the Little Free Library. Anyway, we’ll see if it happens again…



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