Top tips

Here are our top tips for setting up your own Little Free Library:

Firstly, visit , the website of the official Little Free Library organisation, for a wealth of ideas and information.

Choose to locate your Little Free Library somewhere that is easy to find, where a lot of people tend to walk by, for example on a main street, near a school or community centre.

Promote it in your local newspaper, magazine or newsletter, on your blog, on Facebook, Twitter, and on posters, to let members of your community know what the book exchange is and how they can use it.

Have at least one person who is willing to look after the Little Free Library. I check ours every other day or so, adding books if it looks empty or taking some out if it gets too full.

Don’t keep all the books that are donated to you; I know that sounds a bit ungrateful, but realistically, you just won’t have the space available to store all those books. I never reject someone’s offer of donating books, but I do reserve the right to decide whether or not to keep them for the Little Free Library. Some books that are just too old or worn out get recycled, while ones in better condition get donated to local charity shops. At any given time we have about 200 books in storage; there isn’t the need to keep much more than that.

Good luck, and have fun interacting with your community!



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