Funding a Little Free Library

Our village was very fortunate to have the construction of our Little Free Library funded by a Community Activities Grant, provided by West Oxfordshire District Council. The grant was applied for by Freeland Parish Council, and covered the costs of having the Little Free Library built, purchasing some used books to put in it, and enabled us to host a launch party. It is more common, however, for people to fund their Little Free Libraries privately. Sarah Trachtenberg, from Massachusetts, USA, is trying to raise funds for her Little Free Library by launching an appeal on Kickstarter. She has seen other Little Free Libraries, and knows that having one by her home would really benefit her community. Sarah says:

Part of why I want to do this project is to build my community and get to know my neighbors better. People who have built little free libraries say they’ve gotten to know more of their neighbors this way than any other– by far. It’s particularly great for kids getting to meet each other through sharing books. Since I’ve recently felt isolated due to my divorce, I think bringing our neighbors together by sharing books would be great for me and my daughter.

If you would like to make a donation to help Sarah get her Little Free Library started, please click this link.


Above: a garden ornament I saw in New Jersey, USA


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