Albuquerque Little Free Libraries

Under Western Skies

I’ve been traveling recently. It’s time to sit still and read a good book. What to read? I just finished Richard Flanagan’s excellent but harrowing The Narrow Road to the Deep North, so I want something lighter in tone. Hmm … drive to the library? Wouldn’t it be great if I could simply stroll a block or two across the neighborhood and find a little cache of books, free for the taking?

That’s the idea of the Little Free Library.

Albuquerque Little Free Library M Vincent 4148

I’ve written about Little Free Libraries before, and I got some interesting responses from readers who support them, all over the world. For example, regular comment contributor, Feisty Froggy, who blogs about the Fulton County, Indiana public library system, sent this link.

We were driving around Albuquerque, New Mexico recently, just seeing what neighborhoods were like. It could be a suburban neighborhood in almost any western city.

Albuquerque Brad Nixon 3930

We encountered three…

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