Where do all the books come from?


The Little Free Library is a book exchange, where members of the community can take books they want to read, and also leave books that they no longer want. When we  launched our Little Free Library, the initial books were donated by friends and family, and topped by the books that people donated during our opening party. Since then, more books have been donated either by people directly leaving them in the Little Free Library itself, or by larger donations in the form of boxes or bags of books left by our front door. Sometimes, I have purchased  used books (usually children’s books) from local charity shops, very cheaply, often for as little as 10p per book. I have also been asked to help someone clear out their home and was invited to take as many of their books as I liked!

I joke that the Little Free Library has become like the magic porridge pot; no matter how many books leave it, more and more get donated into it, which is amazing! Literally every time I open the door, there are new donations inside the Little Free Library. Our community has been very generous!

These photos show just a few of the many, many books that have been donated.




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