Popular Books


I have always found it difficult to predict which kinds of books will be popular in the Little Free Library; books that appeal to me obviously won’t always appeal to other people. Over the past few months I have tried to offer a broad range of titles and genres, as that approach seems to work best (as explained here). We are fortunate in that we have a lot of books in storage, thanks to all the donations that have come in from our community, so finding a variety of books to put in the Little Free Library is never a problem.

Lately, I have been observing which authors seem to be popular among our adult users; books by these writers seem to get snapped up pretty quickly whenever they appear in the Little Free Library. They are, in no particular order:

P D James, Dan Brown, Bill Bryson, Jennifer Worth, Stephen King, Jojo Moyes, James Patterson, Philippa Gregory, Nick Hornby. In addition to these, cookbooks seem to fly off the shelves.

I haven’t been keeping a close eye on the children’s books, but I’ll write about those later.

As always, comments are welcome!



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