Sunday mornings


Every Sunday morning, weather permitting, we change over the books in the Little Free Library. Usually, quite a few books have been donated during the week, so we try to leave those in, and replace the books that have been sitting there for a while. Sometimes, there’s a theme, but usually we try to keep it relatively random, with a wide selection of genres. Cook books have been popular lately, but we never know which books will be taken out! I remain amazed at the variety of books that get donated into the book exchange each week. Our community really has embraced the Little Free Library.

*August 2016: Quick update: this was posted some eight months ago, and since then, I no longer update all the books every week. I’ve adopted more of an organic approach, and let the books come and go, rather than rotating them out so much. This seems to work much better. I do, however, remove books that haven’t gone after a few weeks, and adjust the Little Free Library accordingly if there are too many books or too few books inside.



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