Books, books, books…


Books. That’s what this is all about. The idea behind the Little Free Library is to promote literacy and a love of reading, by sharing books in the community. Before we opened our library, we asked friends and family to donate any books they didn’t want anymore, so that we had enough to stock the library for the first few weeks. Our little free library has three sections in it: one at the top for adult books, one below for children’s books, and one to the right for big or tall books of any genre. Initially, I didn’t know if anyone would take any books, bring them back, or donate more. I needn’t have worried. I am constantly amazed that pretty much everyday different books appear in the library. People in the community have really been very generous and have totally grasped the idea of “take a book, leave a book”. It’s wonderful to see how quickly the book stock changes, especially the children’s books.



    1. Thanks. I rotate the books pretty frequently, and we have a couple of boxes of books in storage, so I’m sure at some point next year we’ll have some kind of book giveaway event.


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